Bridgewater Named Safest College in Virginia by SafeAtLast

Trees with orange and red leaves line Bridgewater College's campus

Bridgewater College is the safest college in Virginia and among the top 25 safest institutions in the U.S. according to new data released from SafeAtLast.

To compile the rankings, SafeAtLast analyzed FBI crime reported data and campus crime rates while also considering local crime, law enforcement support and campus transparency.

“We are honored to receive this recognition as the safest college in Virginia and one of the safest educational institutions in the United States. We celebrate our diversity that promotes civil discourse in maintaining a stable environment for all on campus,” said Milton Franklin, Bridgewater College’s Chief of Campus Police.

In addition to the College being ranked No. 1 in Virginia for campus safety, Bridgewater is the only Virginia town on SafeWise’s list of 100 safest U.S. small towns. SafeWise’s rankings are also based on FBI crime report data and population information.

“We value the community we have here in the Town of Bridgewater. We work hard in partnering with our community in creating a holistic environment that helps to contribute to a safe campus for all students, staff and visitors. As we progress toward the future, we will continue to uphold our dedication to remaining one of the best colleges in the country,” Franklin said.

Media Contact:
Logan Bogert
Communications Coordinator