Bridgewater College Senior Art Majors to Display Works in “17°” Group Exhibition on Display April 25 – May 6

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Seventeen Bridgewater College art majors will exhibit their works in a senior art thesis show, 17°,” on display in Bridgewater College’s Beverly Perdue Art Gallery and various locations on campus from Monday, April 25, through Friday, May 6.

The exhibition of artwork is created by senior students as part of their thesis requirement. Each student will be showcasing a group of works that is the culmination of four years of work and development.

The exhibition will have an opening reception from 5-7 p.m. on Monday, April 25, in the Beverly Perdue Art Gallery located on the lower level of the John Kenny Forrer Learning Commons. Gallery talks will be held from 5-10 p.m. on Tuesday, April 26, in Bowman Hall, Room 100 on the College’s campus. Gallery talks also are available to the public via Zoom at The receptions, exhibitions and talks are free and open to the public.

The gallery is open from 7:30 a.m. to midnight Monday through Thursday; 7:30 a.m. to 9 p.m. on Friday; 9 a.m. to 9 p.m. Saturday; and noon to midnight on Sunday.

Students showcasing their work in the 2022 senior art show at Bridgewater College include:

Adrielle Benner

A digital media arts major from Raleigh, N.C., Adrielle Benner will exhibit “Websites Around the World: Graphic User Interface in Non-Western Design.”

Information and process documentation will be presented as infographics and screenshots mounted to the wall above the workstation.

“Like other forms of art, website design is filled with intention and created to appeal to, inform and persuade an audience. When we browse the internet, we have an assumption of how websites will look and behave because those expectations have been reinforced within our western, American culture,” Benner said. “As an aspiring graphic user interface designer, I wanted to explore these cultural manifestations from the perspective of non-western countries. That is why I have created a website that emulates designs from India, Ivory Coast, Japan, Mexico and Saudi Arabia adapted for western audiences.” 

Benner is a member of the Flory Honors College, Model United Nations and the intramural volleyball team and serves as the treasurer of the animal advocacy group Lend-a-Paw. She is a 2020 Showker Prize recipient and the 2021 Paul M. and Betty Kline Student Art Award recipient.

Following graduation, she will be attending the Flory Honors College’s May Term at Oxford University in England to study the ethics of digital media content creation. Next year, Benner will complete the master of arts in digital media strategy program at BC, with the goal to pursue a career in graphic user interface design.

Benner’s website will be available for visitors to navigate and read on a monitor at a station in the Beverly Perdue Art Gallery.

Taylor Corbin

A digital arts major from Chesapeake, Va., Taylor Corbin will exhibit “Frame of Reference.”

Corbin’s exhibition is a collection of photographs for which she uses a 28×30 mirror that has been placed in nature to create a dual reality.

“I focus on altering reality by taking a mirror outside and creating a double view of the surrounding areas. I like to mix the beauty of nature with the hard lines of the mirror’s shape to create images that make the viewer do a double take to determine what is really in front of them versus what is bouncing off the mirror as a reflection,” Corbin said.

Corbin is a member of the women’s soccer team at BC. Following graduation, she plans to take a gap year to travel and build a portfolio.

Corbin’s exhibition will be located in the right of the lobby in the McKinney Center for Science and Mathematics.

Jordan Davis

A communication, technology and culture and digital media arts double major from Waldorf, Md., Jordan Davis will exhibit “Dear PWI: Black Experiences at Bridgewater.”

Davis’ exhibition is a documentary video about the Black student experience at BC.

“The purpose of this documentary is to open a conversation about the importance of diversity and encourage embracing differences in culture. My work explores the varying relationships between Black students and the professors, coaches, students and faculty at Bridgewater College and its surrounding community,” Davis said. “It is my hope that this documentary will encourage discussion and exchange of views on difficult and controversial issues.”

Davis is a member of BC Voice, a student news organization, and the Lambda Pi Eta national communication studies honor society. Following graduation, Davis plans to attend graduate school.

Davis’ exhibition will be located in the Beverly Perdue Art Gallery.

Brooke DiCicco

An art major from Waynesboro, Va., Brooke DiCicco will exhibit “Echoes of Reality.”

DiCicco’s exhibition is a collection of photographs of reflections in bodies of water that are created to provide an altered view of nature.

“The goal of the body of work is for the image to first seem normal and then perplex the viewer by the truth of the image, allowing them to feel a sense of escape from what is known as true or real,” DiCicco said.

DiCicco is the photography manager for BC Voice and the community and worship team leader for Campus Crusade for Christ (Cru), an interdenominational Christian group. Following graduation, she will work at a local Christian school planning events and teaching art.

DiCicco’s exhibition will be located in the lobby of Bowman Hall.

Ashley Dupree

An art major from Beaverdam, Va., Ashley Dupree will exhibit “Beyond the Door.”

Dupree’s exhibition includes small- and large-scale acrylic paintings.

“I wanted to create an abstracted feel of my studio space. Using cool and warm colors, I create a sense of an idealized space. My influence is Henri Matisse, who uses shapes to frames his work and layered many colors of his canvases. This is one of the techniques I use,” Dupree said.

Following graduation, Dupree will be traveling to Spain with Professor Eric Kniss’ May Term art class.

Dupree’s exhibition will be located in The Eagle’s Nest, the downstairs area of the Kline Campus Center.

Brittany Irwin

A digital media arts major from Parkville, Md., Brittany Irwin will exhibit “Malformation.”

Irwin’s exhibition is a dozen photographs printed on canvas. All the photos are in black and white with one element that has been glitched in color.

“I wanted to create photographs that elicit a feeling of discomfort but also a sense of familiarity,” Irwin said.

Following graduation, Irwin hopes to work at either a photography company or in a school.

Irwin’s exhibition will be located in Memorial Hall, Room 24.

Cassie Jordan

An art major from Chesapeake City, Md., Cassie Jordan will exhibit “Beautifully Banal.”

Jordan’s exhibition is a series of still-life acrylic paintings on canvas made with the intention of exploring the illusion of texture and space on a two-dimensional plane, as well as playing with the emotions one can feel while observing these elements. Each painting contains a view of small spaces that Jordan sees in everyday life, unified by containing a metallic element of some kind.

“This balance between cold and warm creates a sense of intimacy with the viewer through being able to recognize similar places in your own living room. Although viewed as mundane and relatively insignificant, metal has a way of capturing light that no other surface possesses—making it one of the most interesting textures to observe,” Jordan said.

While at BC, Jordan has been involved with the volleyball program, playing for one year and managing for another three years. Following graduation, Jordan hopes to pursue freelance painting.

Jordan’s exhibition will be located inthe Beverly Perdue Art Gallery.

Nina King

An art major from Frederick, Md., Nina King will exhibit “Sustainable Upcycling.”

King’s exhibition consists of thrifted clothing pieces that have been upcycled by painting and embroidering the fabric. The pieces range from bags to hats to pants, but all have a natural element painted or sewn into them to promote a message of sustainability. King also is displaying photographs of how she would advertise each clothing piece.

“The fast-fashion industry has begun rapidly mass-producing inexpensive clothing which largely ends up in landfills. I designed this project around exposing that narrative,” King said. “By painting and embroidering thrifted articles of clothing, I was able to create one-of-a-kind fashion pieces that hold a trendy aesthetic.”

King is the events coordinator for BC’s Model United Nations Club, a member of the Teacher Education Program and a member of the Alpha Chi honor society and the National College Honors Society.

Following graduation, King plans to become an art teacher and possibly start a side business commissioning work upcycling clothing.

King’s exhibition will be located in the Center for Engaged Learning.

Elizabeth Leal-Cruz

A digital media arts major from Rockingham, Va., Elizabeth Leal-Cruz will exhibit “Imaginative Thinking.”

Leal-Cruz’s exhibition is compiled of posters that show the relationship between music and design.

“My work explores the concept of chromesthesia, which is the perception of a visual experience where people see music in shapes and colors. I show the relationship between music and art by focusing on the mood and layers of music to transfer onto paper,” Leal-Cruz said.

Leal-Cruz is involved in the Music Production Club at BC. Following graduation, she hopes to work in the music industry producing graphic designs for artists and events.

Leal-Cruz’s exhibition will be located in the Beverly Perdue Art Gallery.

Christina Ludwig

An art major from Strasburg, Va., Christina Ludwig will exhibit “The Faces of Grief.”

Ludwig’s exhibition is a collection of 10 charcoal drawings depicting the five stages of grief—denial, anger, bargaining, depression and acceptance. For each stage of grief, there are two separate pictures depicting it.

“Grief has never been a stranger to me. As far back as I can recall, I have had the misfortune of people close to me passing away fairly often. A month into my freshman year at Bridgewater College, my cousin Brooke unexpectedly died in a car accident. Being my best friend, role model and so much more than simply my cousin, this tragedy completely flipped my world. Death had never been an easy thing, however, her passing sent me into utter turmoil more than any other had. It affected every aspect of my life. This event has led me to explore my experience with grief in this series of drawings,” Ludwig said.

Ludwig is a member of the Bridgewater Theatre Department and Pinion Players, a student-run theatre club. Following graduation, Ludwig plans to pursue a master’s degree in education to become an art teacher.

Ludwig’s exhibition will be located in the stairwell gallery of Rebecca Hall.

Alicia McCarthy

An art and psychology double major from Dover, Del., Alicia McCarthy will exhibit “Fighting My Battle.”

McCarthy’s exhibition features collages made from images of her life. The collages are made using inks, markers, found objects, images and magazine scraps with the goal to express her personal mental health journey.

“My art seeks to create an awareness about the challenges of mental health and break some of the stigma that surrounds these challenges. The collaged images in each canvas point to a time or an event in my past, and the arrangement and mixing of other collage elements along with the brush marks are my way of expressing my emotions surrounding those moments,” McCarthy said.

McCarthy is a member of the cheerleading team at BC. Following graduation, she will attend graduate school in New York for art therapy.

McCarthy’s exhibition will be located in the Black Box Theatre of Cole Hall.

Ryanna Power

A digital media arts major from Pittston, Pa., Ryanna Power will exhibit “College Chaos.”

Power’s exhibition is an empathetic children’s book that she has written and illustrated. The display includes physical copies of College Chaos alongside enlarged mounted illustrations that are featured in the book.

“The main purpose of creating this book was to expose the challenges and complex life that college students experience,” Power said.

Following graduation, Power plans to find full-time employment in the design field.

Power’s exhibition will be located in The Eagle’s Nest.

Juan Romero

A digital media arts major from Unionville, Va., Juan Romero will exhibit “Where We Are From.”

Romero’s exhibition is a collection of photo portraits of individuals holding a flag of their home country. The inspiration came from his own life experiences growing up in a very cultural household, attending cultural festivals and meeting people from various backgrounds in his hometown.

“The flag is to show what identity is as well as for the individual to reconnect with who they are and where they come from,” Romero said.

Romero is a member of the Screamin’ Eagles Marching Band, Symphonic Band and the Latinx Club at BC. Following graduation, Romero plans to complete a graphic design internship.

Romero’s exhibition will be located in Moomaw Hall.

Noah Ross

A digital media arts major from Fredericksburg, Va., Noah Ross will exhibit “On the Fly: An App by Fly Fishermen … For Fly Fishermen.”

Ross’ exhibition is a smartphone app that allows fishermen to connect with and learn from one another. By creating a virtual space for socializing and fly tying, “On The Fly” allows users to showcase their hard work and craftmanship while being able to meet new friends.

“In the age of technology, smartphone apps have become our go-to source of all forms of information, even for fishermen. But no app allows fly fishermen to have an all-in-one resource. That is why I am prototyping On The Fly,” Ross said.

Following graduation, Ross hopes to find employment in the graphic design field.

Ross’ exhibition will be located in the Beverly Perdue Art Gallery.

Anna Suter

An art major from Bridgewater, Va., Anna Suter will exhibit “Mustang Dissected.”

Suter’s exhibition is a collection of acrylic paintings on canvas of her car, a 2014 Ford Mustang, in pop art style. Since visiting the Andy Warhol Museum in 2014, she has been influenced by his multiple presentations of the same photographic image—a technique that Suter employs in a slightly different way.

“I enjoy the natural world, and I frequently paint the flora of those warm climates. I have a similar affinity for my automobile, and I enjoy examining how the parts make up the whole by drawing attention to details that might otherwise be overlooked,” Suter said.

Suter is member of the Equestrian Club at BC. Following graduation, Suter is considering graduate studies for veterinary science.

Suter’s exhibition will be located on the third floor of Bowman Hall.

Tyler Tabor

A communication, technology and culture and digital media arts double major from Chesapeake, Va., Tyler Tabor will exhibit “The J.D. Collection.”

Tabor’s exhibition is a merchandise line for a college student at Norfolk State University that includes a hat, T-shirt and hoodie. The collection will be displayed through a video featuring J.D., a student-athlete.

“I grew up in Chesapeake where the streetwear culture has thrived for many years with the designs of Timbaland and Pharrell Williams. This Virginia Beach culture is woven through my own designs that I have made for J.D.,” Tabor said.

Tabor was involved in BC Voice for three years while at BC. He also is a member of Lampda Pi Eta honor society. Following graduation, he hopes to work as a product designer, product manager or digital marketer.

Tabor’s exhibition will be located in the Center for Engaged Learning.

Deborah Wakilongo

A digital media arts major from Harrisonburg, Va., Deborah Wakilongo will exhibit “Narratives in Glass.”

Wakilongo’s exhibition is a group of photographs that started as a personal narrative but later developed into a formal relationship with the work. The subjects are different colored glasses that make reflections when light passes through them.

“For this project, I continued the concept of using light to create photographs that are visually interesting that will cause people to have questions about how the photographs were done,” Wakilongo said. “My goal for this project was to be original and unique in how I approached light. I wanted to show how you can control the light to make the type of photographs you want.”

Wakilongo is the historian of the African Student Club. Following graduation, she plans to find full-time employment.

Wakilongo’s exhibition will be located in the lobby of Bowman Hall.

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