Bridgewater College’s School of Natural Sciences Honors Outstanding Students

A white and red graphic that has the Bridgewater College seal and reads "College Awards: Honoring Outstanding Students"

Bridgewater College’s School of Natural Sciences recognized 15 students for their outstanding achievements during the annual College Awards ceremony on April 20, 2024.

Department of Biology and Environmental Science
Elijah Dunlap and Trevor Sager received the Excellence in Biology Award for placing in the top 10 percent of graduating seniors within the biology major as determined by grade point average.

Avery Miller received the Excellence in Environmental Science Award for being the top graduating senior in the environmental science major as determined by grade point average.

Tanya Dupree received the Outstanding Research Award in Biology for conducting the best undergraduate research in biology, as determined by faculty.

Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry
Katie Griffin and Megan Huffstickler received the John Martin Award for Organic Chemistry for being outstanding students in the organic chemistry class. The award is named for Dr. John W. Martin ’44, who taught chemistry at the College for 24 years.

Leigha Dillard and Katie Griffin received the Garland L. Reed Chemistry Award for demonstrating excellence in chemistry studies with contributions to the chemistry and biochemistry community. The award is named in honor of Garland L. Reed ’48, an FDA administrator.

Marshall Ritchie received the American Chemical Society Outstanding Senior Award for being the most exceptional graduating senior in chemistry. The recipient of this award is recognized by the local chapter of the American Chemical Society and awarded a one-year membership in the ACS.

Skyler Parks and Meklit Worku received the Joseph M. and Jane A. Crockett Award for excellent academic performance in chemistry courses as first-year students. The award is named after Dr. Joseph M. Crockett, who taught chemistry at Bridgewater College for 35 years, and his wife Jane.

Department of Mathematics and Computer Science
Kelsey Quinn and Owen Wood received the Outstanding Senior in Computer Science Award for being the two most exceptional graduating seniors within the computer science major.

Department of Psychology
Kaliah Moulton received the Donald R. Witters Psychology Award – Outstanding Academic Award for consistent superior performance in the classroom.

Gabriel Wooten received the Donald R. Witters Psychology Award – Outstanding Leadership Award for demonstrating extraordinary leadership across campus.

Emma Anderson received the Donald R. Witters Psychology Award – Outstanding Research Award for excellence in demonstrated research and her potential to contribute to the discipline’s knowledge base.

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