Dr. Jamie Frueh, Bridgewater College Associate Provost and Professor, Named American Council on Education Fellow

A headshot of Jamie Frueh. He is smiling while wearing a blue button up shirt and grey jacket

The American Council on Education (ACE) announced Dr. Jamie Frueh, Bridgewater College Associate Provost and W. Harold Row Professor of International Studies, has been named an ACE Fellow for academic year 2022-23. Following nomination by the senior administration of their institutions and a rigorous application process, 46 Fellows were selected this year.

Established in 1965, the ACE Fellows Program is designed to strengthen institutions and leadership in U.S. higher education by identifying and preparing faculty and staff for senior positions in college and university administration through its distinctive and intensive nominator-driven, cohort-based mentorship model. About 2,500 higher education leaders have participated in the ACE Fellows Program over the past five decades, with more than 80% of Fellows having gone on to serve as senior leaders of colleges and universities.

“The ACE Fellows program embodies ACE’s goal of enriching the capacity of agile leaders to problem-solve and innovate, and it fuels the expansion of a talented and diverse higher education leadership pipeline,” said ACE President Ted Mitchell. “Fellows continue to excel in prominent leadership roles, and the potential of this new cohort to bring strong leadership to institutions across America greatly excites me.”

The program combines retreats, interactive learning opportunities, visits to campuses and other higher education-related organizations, and placement at another higher education institution. Throughout his fellowship year, Dr. Frueh will observe and work with the president and other senior officers at a yet-to-be named host institution, attend decision-making meetings and focus on issues of interest. He will also conduct a project of pressing concern for BC and seek to implement these findings upon completion of the fellowship placement.

“I am humbled, grateful and deeply honored to be able to participate in this special opportunity for professional development, which will allow me to bring back perspectives and innovative practices to BC that will help us better meet our mission. I am looking forward to the adventure,” Frueh said.  

Frueh, who also oversees the Center for Engaged Learning at Bridgewater College, received a B.S. in international relations from Georgetown University and a Ph.D. in international relations from American University. He was a volunteer teacher in South Africa during and after apartheid, the policy of racial segregation. In addition, he coordinated an annual program sponsored by the state department for university students from the divided communities of Cyprus.

Frueh has published numerous articles and book chapters on the teaching of global politics. He authored a book on the constructivist theory of political identity to explore the social changes that accompanied the end of apartheid, Political Identity and Social Change: The Remaking of the South African Social Order, published in 2003. His edited volume, Pedagogical Journeys Through World Politics, was published in 2020.

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