To Infinitive and Beyond: Summer Internship Allows Abigail Gaver ’23 and Anton Kopti II ’23 to Grow Their Technology Skill Sets

a headshot of Anton Kopti on the left and Abigail Gaver on the right Anton Kopti II and Abigail Gaver, both computer science majors in the Class of 2023, completed summer internships at Infinitive, Inc. in Ashburn, Va.

A job fair led computer science majors Abigail Gaver ’23 and Anton Kopti II ’23 to their summer internships at Infinitive, Inc. in Ashburn, Va. 

Infinitive is a transformation and technology consultancy that helps users get the value out of their data.  In addition to their work in the tech industry, company culture and core values are what Gaver and Kopti both agree led to them choosing Infinitive. 

“Infinitive is very similar to Bridgewater College. It has a small, tight-knit community, with a beautiful culture and motivated workforce,” Kopti says.   

During their summer internships, the pair spent the first two weeks studying and passing the Amazon Web Services Cloud Practitioner certification and other Amazon accredited courses. Afterward, the summer interns were separated into teams, with each group given a project to accomplish by the end of the internship. Kopti and Gaver’s team was responsible for building a lakehouse change data capture data pipeline for a fictional online global furniture retailer that wanted to utilize cloud services and a change-data capture pipeline in its data architecture. 

“I did lots of coding and collaboration in order to create the best possible pipeline in the allotted time. I was able to use information from my courses at Bridgewater to help guide myself through the processes and truly learn more about applying my college education to real-life work. My art minor also came in handy as I designed and implemented business dashboards for our final business readout,” Gaver says. 

Alongside their daily work and projects, each intern took part in multiple coffee chats with Infinitive employees to discuss professional career paths, attended networking events and was assigned a mentor to work with one-on-one to enhance their professional skills. 

“The Infinitive internship allowed for a lot of personal growth,” Kopti says. “It was a mixture of transformation and technology consulting, and I got a lot of experience building data pipelines using Python and Apache Spark in Databricks. This is all applicable to my major and gave me hands-on experience with many of the concepts I’ve studied at Bridgewater.” 

— by Logan Bogert