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Faculty List

PrefixFirst NameLast NameTitle
Prof.ScottJostProfessor of Art/Department Chair
Prof. RonaldAlabanzaPractitioner in Residence – Art
Prof. NanCovertAssociate Professor of Art
Prof.MichaelHoughAssociate Professor of Art
Prof.EricKnissAssociate Professor of Art
Prof. Sarah Phillips Art Adjunct
Biology & Environmental Science
Dr.RobynPuffenbargerProfessor of Biology/Department Chair
Dr.StephenBaronHarry G M Jopson Professor of Biology
Dr.KimberlyBolyardAssociate Professor of Biology and Environmental Science
Dr.TracyDeemAssociate Professor of Biology
Dr.TamaraJohnstone-YellinAssociate Professor of Biology and Environmental Science
Dr.MosheKhurgelAssociate Professor of Biology
Dr.TimothyKrepsAssociate Professor of Biology and Environmental Science
Dr.GavinLawsonProfessor of Biology
Dr.EdgarLickeyAssociate Professor of Biology
Dr. EllenMitchellAssociate Professor of Chemistry/Department Chair
Dr. IanMcNeilAssociate Professor of Chemistry
Dr.BarnabasOtooAssistant Professor of Chemistry
Dr.KennethOverwayAssociate Professor of Chemistry
Dr.RippaSehgalVisiting Assistant Professor of Chemistry
Communication Studies 
Dr.MelanieLalikerProfessor of Communication Studies/Department Chair
Prof.JenniferBabcockSenior Instructor of Communication Studies
Dr.MicheleClarkAssociate Professor of Communication Studies
Dr.ScottColeAssociate Professor of Theatre
Prof.KathleenConeryTheatre Adjunct
Prof.Lisa AdyDeweyPractitioner in Residence – Communication Studies
Prof.ShannonDoveTheatre Sound Designer
Prof.BenjaminEricksonSenior Instructor of Communication Studies/ Director of Community Engagement
Prof.Ryan HowardTheatre Adjunct/Sound Designer
Prof. HollyLabbeTheatre Adjunct
Dr.JeffreyPiersonProfessor of Communication Studies/Dean for Graduate and Special Programs
Economics and Business Administration
Dr.HollyCaldwellCarmen G. Blough Associate Professor of Accounting/Department Chair
Dr. Anthony BiaselloAssistant Professor of Business Administration
Prof.MaggieConnollyEquine Adjunct
Dr.LisaLandramEconomics and Business Administration Adjunct
Dr.KarieDornonAssociate Professor of Economics
Prof.WilliamEldridge IVEconomics and Business Administration Adjunct
Prof.DanielFinsethAssistant Professor of Economics and Business Administration
Dr.DavidHuffmanAssociate Professor of Economics
Dr. SevinjIskandarovaVisiting Assistant Professor of Business
Dr.MariaLugoAssociate Professor of Business Administration
Dr.Ralph MonacoEconomics and Business Administration Adjunct
Dr.NuraddeenSani NuhuAssistant Professor of Business Administration
Prof.JerrySchurinkEconomics and Business Administration Adjunct
Dr.RoslynVargasAssistant Professor of Business Administration/Director of MS in HR Management
Dr.Gwendolyn JonesAssistant Professor of Education/Director of Teacher Education Program
Dr. HollieBergeronEducation Adjunct
Dr.JennieCarrAssociate Professor of Education
Dr. JeanHawkEducation Adjunct
Dr.TracyHoughAssistant Professor of Education
Dr. BethLehmanAssociate Professor of Education
Dr.JennyMartinAssociate Professor of Education
Dr.KevinZayedAssistant Professor of Education
Dr.ChristianSheridanAssociate Professor of English/Department Chair
Dr.J. BryanDuncanEnglish Adjunct
Dr.StanleyGallowayProfessor of English
Dr.SamHamiltonAssistant Professor of English/ Director of MA in Digital Media Strategy
Prof.AshleyLauroSenior Instructor of English/Director of the Writing Center
Dr. VanessaRouillonAssistant Professor of English
Dr. JenniferRyanEnglish Adjunct
Dr. LeonaSevickProfessor of English
Dr.ScottSuterProfessor of English/Director of the Margaret Grattan Weaver Institute for Regional Culture
Dr. LaurelSviatkoEnglish Adjunct
Dr.TrudiVanDyke-SimmsEnglish Adjunct
Health and Human Sciences
Dr.DonnaHoskinsAssociate Professor of Health and Human Sciences/Department Chair
Dr. AmandaCampbellAssociate Professor of Health and Human Sciences
Prof.MichaelClarkHealth and Human Sciences Adjunct
Prof.JamesCloughHealth and Human Sciences Adjunct
Dr. NicholasErdmanAssistant Professor of Health and Human Sciences
Prof.Cathleen FilippelloHealth and Human Sciences Adjunct
Dr.CharlesHale IVAssociate Professor of Health and Human Sciences/Director of Athletic Training Program 
Dr.RobertHammillAssociate Professor of Health and Human Sciences/Associate Dean for Academic Affairs
Prof.GwynnHarrisonHealth and Human Sciences Adjunct
Prof.BrookeHodgesHealth and Human Sciences Adjunct 
Prof.Patricia KennedyHealth and Human Sciences Adjunct
Prof.JoyLohrHealth and Human Sciences Adjunct
Prof. KimberlyLohrAssistant Professor of Health and Human Sciences
Dr.BarbaraLongAssociate Professor of Health and Human Sciences/Dean of the School of Professional Studies
Dr.ArleneMcCainMedical Director of the Athletic Training Program/Health and Human Sciences Adjunct
Dr.ValerieMongoldHealth and Human Sciences Adjunct
Dr.Susan MuterspaughHealth and Human Sciences Adjunct
Dr.B. MichaelRayAssistant Professor of Health and Human Sciences
Prof.BarbaraRoadcapFamily and Consumer Sciences Adjunct
Prof.LoriSchrockHealth and Human Sciences Adjunct
Dr.TammySheehyAssistant Professor of Health and Human Sciences
Dr. RobertShuteVisiting Assistant Professor of Health and Human Sciences
Dr.LeahWashingtonAssistant Professor of Health and Human Sciences
Prof.JohnWoodrumHealth and Human Sciences Adjunct
History and Political Science
Dr.BrandonMarshAssociate Professor of History/Department Chair
Dr.RobertAndersenProfessor of Global Studies/Director of the Kline-Bowman Institute for Peace and Justice
Prof.DenverDavisHistory Adjunct
Dr. MariaPaz EsguerraAssistant Professor of History
Dr.JamesFruehW. Harold Row Professor of International Studies/Associate Provost
Dr.BobbiGentryAssociate Professor of Political Science
Prof. JeannieHardingHistory Adjunct
Dr.JamesJosefsonProfessor of Political Science
Dr.MartinKalbAssociate Professor of History
Dr.YukaKishidaAssociate Professor of History
Dr.KevinPallisterAssociate Professor Political Science
Mathematics and Computer Science
Dr.VerneLeiningerAssociate Professor of Mathematics and Computer Science/Department Chair
Dr. AhmadAlqurnehAssistant Professor of Data Science and Analytics
Dr.JamesBowlingAssociate Professor of Mathematics
Prof.VictoriaDenlingerInstructor of Mathematics
Dr.SteveIsaacsMathematics Adjunct
Dr.R. EricMcGregorAssociate Professor of Computer Science
Prof.YoussefRagabComputer Science Adjunct
Prof.AndreaWilliamsInstructor of Mathematics
Dr.ChristineCarrilloAssociate Professor of Music/Department Chair
Prof.RichardAdamsMusic Adjunct
Prof.WilliamAldermanMusic Adjunct
Prof.LydiaCarollMusic Adjunct
Prof.AnthonyCincottaMusic Adjunct 
Dr.VimariColón-LeónAssistant Professor of Music
Prof.BarryFloweInstructor of Music/Director of Athletic Bands
Prof.BrandonGrayColor Guard and Marching Band
Dr.RyanKeebaughAssistant Professor of Music/Director of Choral Music
Prof.ShannonKiserMusic Adjunct
Prof.KyleRemnantMusic Adjunct
Prof.Amy RobertsonMusic Adjunct
Prof.RhondaSteesMusic Adjunct
Dr. MelissaSumner SwisherMusic Adjunct 
Dr.LarryTaylorProfessor of Music
Prof.JohnWilsonDrumline and Marching Band
Prof.ZacharyWindsorMusic Adjunct
Philosophy and Religion
Dr.CarolScheppardProfessor of the College/Department Chair
Dr.WilliamAbshireAnna B. Mow Professor of Philosophy and Religion
Prof. MatthewFikeReligion Adjunct
Dr.NancyKlancherAssociate Professor of Religion
Prof.ChristopherZimmermanPhilosophy Adjunct
Dr.DevaO’NeilAssociate Professor of Physics/Department Chair
Dr. Derli Amaral, Jr.Assistant Professor of Applied Physics – Mechanical Engineering
Dr.PhilipSpicklerProfessor of Physics/Dean of the School of Natural Sciences
Dr.ErinMillerAssociate Professor of Psychology/Department Chair
Dr.L. AlanEbyProfessor of Psychology/Director of MS Psychology Program
Dr.CurtisBradleyAssistant Professor of Psychology 
Dr.HunterHoneycuttAssociate Professor of Psychology
Dr.ElizabethMacDougallAssociate Professor of Psychology
Dr.RandallYoungAssociate Professor of Psychology
Dr.BenjaminAlbersAssociate Professor of Sociology/Department Chair
Dr.TimothyBrazillAssociate Professor of Sociology
Prof.Ernest BurzumatoSenior Instructor of Sociology
Dr.HarriettHayesLawrance and Carmen Miller Chair of Ethics/Dean of the Rhodes School of Arts and Humanities/Associate Professor of Sociology
Dr. ShuangLiAssistant Professor of Sociology
World Languages and Cultures
Dr. ChristopherJamesAssociate Professor of French/Department Chair
Prof.NasserAlsaadunArabic Adjunct
Prof.Valerie DingerInstructor of Spanish
Prof.KaraFolmarInstructor of Spanish
Prof. S. AbbyHuffmanSpanish Adjunct
Dr. YutingJiaVisiting Assistant Professor of Spanish
Prof. L. EsterMachadoSpanish Adjunct 
Dr. GraceMartinAssociate Professor of Spanish
Dr. Susan MuterspaughFrench Adjunct
Dr.AlmaRamirez-TrujilloAssociate Professor of Spanish