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Withdrawal from the College – Military Service

To withdraw from Bridgewater College at any time during a semester, a student must first confer with the associate dean for academic affairs who will provide a form requiring the signatures of appropriate College personnel. A student called to active military service is responsible for providing the appropriate military orders. A student who fails to withdraw properly may forfeit his or her dormitory and room key deposit, will receive failing grades in all currently enrolled courses and may be ineligible for refunds listed below.

A student called to active military service will, in general, be allowed a reasonable amount of time to complete course requirements missed during short-term absences. For absences extending through the end of the semester, grades of Incomplete may be assigned. When it is not possible for students to complete course assignments, students leaving during the designated drop/add period will have no course entries listed on the transcript. Following the drop/add period, the transcript will show an entry of withdrawn and W grades will be assigned.


Only limited refunds can be made when a student withdraws from the College. Advance deposits are not refunded in any instance.The financial aid of a student who does not complete the semester for any reason will be reduced in accordance with the mandatory federal guidelines. All questions concerning refund amounts should be addressed to the business office.

Withdrawal Due to Military Service

In the event of an approved withdrawal due to active military service, a refund of tuition and fees is provided according to the following schedule:

  • During the first two weeks of the semester – 80%
  • During the third or fourth weeks – 50%
  • During the fifth or sixth weeks – 20%
  • After the sixth week – No Refund

No refund is given for the room charge.