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Grievance Procedures

It is the policy of Bridgewater College that students should have an accessible process to bring problems or complaints to the attention of the College for review and resolution. The College has separate and specific policies with procedures to address (a) allegations of harassment or discrimination, (b) concerns related to academic issues, and (c) allegations of sexual misconduct (addressed in a separate section (.pdf) of this handbook). In addition, the College has a general grievance process to address other complaints a student may have regarding the conduct of another student or a faculty or staff member. Any student seeking redress for a perceived grievance must utilize one of the procedures identified in this handbook.

In addition the grievance procedures, there are resources both on and off campus available to provide support services to students seeking redress for a grievance.

On campus:

Off Campus:

  • Crime Victim Assistance Info-Line – 888-887-3418
  • Office for Civil Rights, U.S. Department of Education – 800-421-3481; OCR.DC@ed.gov
  • U.S. Department of Agriculture – 866-632-9992; program.intake@usda.gov