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Get Ready for a Lifetime of Learning


Are you ready for a challenge? At Bridgewater College, you’ll be prepared for more than a career. You’ll be ready for a lifetime of learning. The journey starts here. With rigorous academic programs. Small class sizes. Opportunities for undergraduate research and study abroad. And so much more.

Our faculty scholars are not only experts in their fields, but they also care about teaching – and about getting to know your interests and abilities. Through their mentoring, you’ll learn what it takes to gain the expertise necessary for success.

Academic Videos

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    Department of Art

    Learn how to create a new view of the world. Work in mediums such as ceramics, drawing, graphic design, painting, photography, sculpture, videography and web design.

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    Department of Biology

    Discover how a biology degree can kickstart any number of careers in medicine, health, research, laboratory science and more.

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    Department of Chemistry

    Gain knowledge in the five areas of chemistry (analytical, organic, inorganic, physical, and biochemical) and perform independent research projects.

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    Department of Communication Studies

    Conduct research, deliver presentations, design public relations campaigns and more.

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    Department of Economics and Business Administration

    Gain the knowledge and skills to become a successful and ethical leader. Apply what you study in case analyses, team projects and presentations, and internships.

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    Department of English

    Engage in the close study of a wide range of literature. Develop skills in writing, speech and research, while learning to make analytical and aesthetic judgments as a reader.

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    Department of Health & Human Sciences

    Interested in athletic training? Family and consumer sciences? Nutrition? Teaching health & P.E.? Pursuing a minor in coaching or equine studies? You'll find it all here.

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    Department of History & Political Science

    Prepare yourself for a life of active citizenship. Engage in discussion, problem-based learning and collaborative research with faculty and students.

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    Department of Mathematics and Computer Science

    Gain fundamental knowledge, as well as real-world practical experience, using the latest techniques and current software.

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    Department of Music

    Do you hear that? The sound of music is alive at Bridgewater College. Whether you sing, play an instrument or want to explore the history and theory of music, it’s all here.

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    Department of Philosophy and Religion

    Who are we? Why are we here? How should we live and behave toward others? Examine the many ways we’ve tried to answer those questions.

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    Department of Physics

    Prepare yourself for a variety of challenging and rewarding careers, applicable not just in science and technology, but also in education and architecture, as well as any career emphasizing advanced analytical skills.

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    Department of Psychology

    Have you ever been curious about what goes on inside a brain? Want to figure out why humans and animals do what they do? Check out psychology at Bridgewater College.

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    Department of Sociology

    Learn how to put your sociological imagination in action. Find out how to critically investigate and observe the complexities of social life.

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    Department of World Languages & Cultures

    Enjoy full-immersion settings where you’ll participate in the learning process and develop skills in all areas of language: speaking, listening comprehension, reading and writing.

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    Teacher Education Program

    Become a teacher who has depth of knowledge, models effective communication skills, uses technology and research to enhance learning, and is committed to life-long learning.

Areas of Study

More than 60 majors and minors. Concentrations such as Digital Media and Pre-Law. Pre-professional programs and dual degrees through BC and other institutions. It all adds up to a host of ways to customize your degree at BC.

College Catalog

Check out the academic catalog for the current year and explore all the courses we offer.

Academic Divisions

Four divisions, covering 16 academic departments at BC. Discover the exceptional faculty and commitment to excellence in every area.

Endowed Lectures & Convocations

Your front-row seat for nationally recognized speakers, musicians and artists.

Big Question & Academic Citizenship

Every year we ask a Big Question. Come explore the answers in classes, discussions, convocations and more.

Personal Development Portfolio

Keep a record of your growth and development throughout your college career. Get ready for the road ahead by developing a resume and cover letter and taking the time to reflect on everything you’ve learned along the way.


You’ll have so many unique opportunities for undergraduate research. Check out some of the possibilities.

Honors Program

Join the Flory Fellows, BC’s honors program.

Study Abroad

Spend a semester abroad in one of dozens of countries. Or take a travel class during Interterm –our three-week academic session in January.

Academic Advising & Support

Get the help you need on the path to academic success.