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A Celebration of the Arts, Scholarship, Performance, Innovation and Research Excellence

Want to share your research with your peers? See fantastic performances, presentations and art exhibitions? Join us for ASPIRE: A Celebration of the Arts, Scholarship, Performance, Innovation and Research Excellence.

Late in the spring semester, the College dedicates a week to showcasing the accomplishments of its students and faculty across all areas of study. You are invited to attend musical performances, check out the latest faculty research, sign up to share your own work and more. It’s a tribute to the amazing work that goes on here at Bridgewater College. Every day. Every week. Every year. And this is our chance to celebrate it!


From the Research Resource Group:

Bridgewater College’s commitment to the liberal arts is seen not only in a diverse curriculum, but also in opportunities for faculty to engage in scholarly work and to mentor students in inspirational endeavors. Accordingly, ASPIRE was established to celebrate such student and faculty scholarship, creativity, and artistic excellence. The ASPIRE events on campus for this year had to be cancelled due to the COVID-19 pandemic and left this year’s contributors without this excellent venue to showcase the depth and breadth of their scholarly work and research.

However, we wanted to honor the participants in some way, particularly graduating seniors who might not get the chance to present their research again. Therefore, we offer the following compilation of what would have been a spectacular 2020 ASPIRE event. It includes brief synopses of (1) Student Oral Presentations, (2) Student Poster Presentations, (3) Student Panel Discussion, and (4) Faculty Oral Presentations.

We look forward to next year’s ASPIRE, and hope you celebrate the participants’ accomplishments with us.


Dr. Stephen Baron, Co-Chair
Dr. Marcellina Hamilton, Co-Chair
Dr. Yuka Kishida
Dr. Alma Ramirez-Trujillo
Dr. Kyle Kelleran
Dr. Kevin Pallister
Dr. Mwizenge Tembo
Dr. Maria Lugo

Rachel Zarin| Faculty Mentor: Dr. Jason Ybarra | Research for: Honors project | “Improving 3-D Printed Prosthetics”

Joan Lee | Faculty Mentor: Dr. Beth Lehman | Research for: TREB project | “The Literary Canon and Other Forces Impacting Text Selection in Secondary English”

Luke Morgan | Faculty Mentor: Dr. Bobbi Gentry | Research for: Honors project | “Trump’s Twitter Communication”

Anh Hai Nguyen | Faculty Mentor: Dr. Kevin Pallister | Research for: Honors project | “Ethnic Inequality in Literature Textbooks in Vietnam”

Robert Marenick | Faculty Mentor: Dr. Sam Hamilton | Research for: TREB project | “Recruitment, Retention, and Outreach: The Creation and Implementation of a Secondary Teacher Recognition Program at Bridgewater College”

Kennesha Parker | Faculty Mentor: Dr. Stanley Galloway | “Understanding Your Local Murderer”

Sergey Shumeyko | Faculty Mentor: Dr. Jason Ybarra | Research for: Honors project | “Investigation of Non-Axisymmetric Helmholz Coils”

Benjamin McCrickard | Faculty Mentor: Dr. Yuka Kishida | Research for: Honors project | “Bound at the Feet of Men: Encounters with Foot Binding, Femininity and Progressivism in Late Imperial China”

Sophie Hargrave | Faculty Mentor: Dr. Nancy Klancher | Research for: Honors project | “The Religious Influence on the French Campaign Against Korea of 1866”

Danielle Werner | Faculty Mentor: Dr. Amanda Campbell | Research for: Honors project | “Exploring Current and Former HPE Students’ Self Efficacy Toward Technology Integration”

Simon Sawyer | Faculty Mentor: Dr. Verne Leininger | Research for: Honors project | “Exponential Midy Sequences in Base 10 and Beyond”

Fiona Lane-Sweeney | Faculty Mentor: Dr. James Josefson | Research for: Honors project | “School Resource Officers and the Erosion of Juvenile Miranda Rights”

Virginia Nordeng | Faculty Mentor: Dr. Grace Martin | Research for: Honors project | “Análisis Del Uso de Los Redes Sociales Con Relación a Los Asuntos Sociales y Políticas a Través de Latinoamérica” (“Analysis of the Use of Social Networks in Relation to Social and Political Issues Across Latin America”)

Melanie Hux | Faculty Mentor: Dr. Chase Hale | Research for: Honors project | “The Value and Effectiveness of the Selective Functional Movement Assessment (SFMA): A Literature Review”

Jacqueline Latz | Faculty Mentor: Dr. Stavroulla Soukara (mentor during study abroad) | Research for: Study abroad | “Lay Persons’ Beliefs Regarding Lying Behavior”

Caitlyn Miller, Jennifer Lantz | Faculty Mentor: Dr. Jennie Carr | Research for: Honors project | “The Effectiveness of Mathematical Manipulatives in One-on-One Intervention for Third and Fourth Grade Students”

Sarah McIntyre | Faculty Mentor: Dr. Moshe Khurgel | Research for: Honors project | “A Longitudinal Study of Axolotl Growth”

Rachel Gaston | Faculty Mentor: Michele Lobo (University of Delaware) | “Development of Reaching Behaviors Across Time in Infants with Mild, Moderate, or Severe Motor Delays”

Lauren Buckhout | Faculty Mentor: Dr. Tim Kreps | Research for: TREB project | “Addressing Food Insecurity in Rockingham County with an Organic Garden and Complementary Education Program”

Victoria Hill, Emily Ruddle, Ashton Khan, Breanna Myers | Faculty Mentor: Dr. Maria Lugo | Research for: Course project | “Business Plan for the Arc of Harrisonburg and Rockingham”

Jodie C. Welch, Joshua J. Augustin, Austin H. Glisson, Kameron D. Pierce, Hannah M. Sours | Faculty Mentor: Dr. Maria Lugo | Research for: Course project | “Marketing Plan for Skyline Literacy of Harrisonburg”

R’Maani Idleman, Brian Purdy, Julias Grant, Sonet Ghandi | Faculty Mentor: Dr. Maria Lugo | Research for: Course project | “Marketing Plan for Juniper Hill Commons”

Melissa Lempicki | Faculty Mentor: Dr. Steve Baron | Research for: Martin summer research | “Construction of a Gene Library for Streptomyces sp. SFB5A”

Morgan Kanney, Nick Cash, Thomas Jennings, Tessa Von Lossberg | Faculty Mentor: Dr. Maria Lugo | Research for: Course project | “Arcadia Project”

Katelyn Dugan | Faculty Mentor: Dr. Ed Lickey | Research for: Honors project | “Survey of Plants Toxic to Horses”

Gabrielle Perkins | Faculty Mentor: Dr. Ian McNeil | Research for: Course project | “Intermittent Light Study to Investigate Electron Diffusion Kinetics in Dye-Sensitized Solar Cells”

Lillian Caricofe, Luke Paczewski, Brandon Pitt, Rashon Davis | Faculty Mentor: Dr. Maria Lugo | Research for: Course project | “Marketing Plan for Augusta Expo”

William Long III, Justin Calabrese, Jamison Steljes, Matthew Dang, Mason Fridley | Faculty Mentor: Dr. Maria Lugo | Research for: Course project | “Marketing Plan for Rocktown ICF”

Morgan Todd | Faculty Mentor: Dr. Steve Baron | Research for: Honors project | “Possible Role of N-Acetylglucosamine for Induction of Polyhydroxybutyrate Depolymerase in Streptomyces sp. SFB5A”

Sabrina Volponi | Faculty Mentor: Dr. Tim Kreps | Research for: Honors project | “The Use of Regression Trees in Answering Biological Questions”

Matthew Althaver | Faculty Mentor: Dr. Tammy Sheehy | Research for: Honors project | “Emotional Trauma and Occupational Therapy”

Noah Robertson | Faculty Mentor: Dr. Kyle Kelleran | Research for: TREB project | “The Effect of Exercise on Salivary MicroRNA”

Sarah Wampler | Faculty Mentor: Dr. Erin Morse | Research for: Honors project | “Effect of Omega-3 Fatty Acids on Recovery from Traumatic Brain Injury”

Kynah Walston, Lane Salisbury, Autumn Shiflet, Sarah Wampler, Sarah McIntyre | Faculty Mentor: Dr. Curtis Bradley | “Effects of Gender and Gustatory Reinforcers on Caffeine and Ethanol Self-Administration in Mice”

Wesley Meredith | Faculty Mentor: Dr. Tracy Deem | Research for: Honors project | “Influences of IL-3 on Immune Responses to Plasmodium yoelii Infection in Mice”

Emilia Tumminello | Faculty Mentor: Dr. Robyn Puffenbarger | Research for: Honors project | “A Survey of Amphibian Species in the Mid-Atlantic”

MacKenzie Francis | Faculty Mentor: Dr. Steve Baron | Research for: Honors project | “Glycogen Accumulation by Wild Type and Bald Mutant Strains of Streptomyces sp. SFB5A during Growth on 3-Hydroxybutyrate”

Danielle Werner | Faculty Mentor: Dr. Amanda Campbell | Research for: Course project | “Enhancing Functional Motor Skills in Individuals with Disabilities: The Effect of a Specific Physical Activity Program”

Olivia Heeb-Wade | Faculty Mentor: Dr. Anna Leal | Research for: TREB project | “The Effects of Prenatal Probiotics on Exercise Endurance and Body Weight in Rats: Introduction of a Multi-Strain Probiotic Supplement Early in Life”

Olivia Heeb-Wade | Faculty Mentor: Eric Kniss | Research for: Honors project | “Developing a Local Clay Body: Augusta County, Virginia”

Hunter Potts | Faculty Mentor: Dr. Karie Dornon | Research for: Honors project | “Carbon Tax vs. Cap and Trade, the More Effective Policy in Reducing CO2 Emissions”

Victoria Callahan | Faculty Mentor: Dr. Scott Cole | Research for: Honors project | “Everyman: A Workshop Production”

Angela Tolomei | Faculty Mentor: Dr. Scott Cole | Research for: TREB project | “Brecht’s The Caucasian Chalk Circle: A Study in Translation and Adaptation”

Patrick Sly | Faculty Mentor: Dr. Eric McGregor | Research for: TREB project | “Using D3.js”

Jordyn Christmas, Isaiah Peed, Kollin Sharpes, Mary Werner | Faculty Mentor: Dr. Geraldine Suter | “Fun with Faust: Translating German Humor”

Moderator: Patrick Garber
Participants: Kirstan Baxter, Allison Bishop, Alexander Naupari, Justin Rogers, Takumi Sampei, Jacob Smith
Faculty Mentor: Ady Dewey
“Public Relations Shaping Actions”

Dr. Verne Leininger | Department: Mathematics & Computer Science | “Pairwise Intransitive Dice”

Dr. Tammy Sheehy | Department: Health and Human Sciences | “Elite Coaches’ Use of Mental Performance Consultants for Enhancing Performance and Well-Being”

Dr. Ian McNeil | Department: Chemistry | “Characterizing Electron Transport Kinetics in Dye-Sensitized Solar Cells using Intermittent Light Studies”