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Study Great Literature of the Past and Present

Department of English

Division of Communication Studies, Fine Arts and Literature

When you major in English at Bridgewater College, you engage in the close study of a wide range of literature. You’ll study well-known American and English works, as well as new literature representing many cultures. Our writing courses develop your talents in exposition and analysis and give you the opportunity for extensive creative work.

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You’ll develop skills in writing, speech and research, while learning to make analytical and aesthetic judgments as a reader. Your study of both the historical development and current usage of the English language enables you to become an effective writer and editor.

The core requirements of the professional writing major ensure that you have the necessary foundations in writing across several disciplines, as well as familiarity with the publishing industry and market trends. The courses offered as electives allow you to tailor your academic plans to your career interests and to focus on specialized areas, such as marketing, creative writing and journalism.

Students who major in English or professional writing might also be interested in Bridgewater’s 5-year Master of Arts in Digital Media Strategy.

English Major

Explore all the career paths available to you when you major in English.

Professional Writing Major

More than 70% of employers are looking for strong writing skills in their new hires. Add Professional Writing to your resume.

American Studies and English Minors

Choose a minor in American Studies or English.

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