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History and Political Science at BC McKinney building

Become a Leader in Policy and Law

Department of History & Political Science

Division of Humanities and Social Sciences

Do you want to change the future? Become a leader in policy and law? Understand the history that has shaped our world? Check out our programs in global studies, history, political science, pre-law and public policy. With four majors, three minors and four concentrations, you have numerous options to customize your degree.

The history and political science department prepares you for a life of active citizenship and intellectual engagement. In your classes you’ll engage in discussion, reflection, simulations, problem-based learning and collaborative research with faculty and your fellow students. Outside the classroom you’ll have opportunities for experiential learning, such as internships and travel. You might take a leadership role in student organizations such as Student Senate and the Pre-Law Society.

You can also participate in semester-length programs abroad or take one of our May Term courses.

Global Studies Major

Global studies majors look at the influence of different cultures as they contribute to our world. You will explore how these cultures fit into connecting our global system.

History Major

History majors explore events and time periods, both nationally and globally, which contribute to the understanding of how today’s society developed.

History & Political Science Major

While pursuing a degree in history and political science, you can choose one of three tracks to follow: liberal arts, social studies history or social studies government.

Political Science Major

Get a basis of knowledge on U.S. and global policies with core courses, then follow your interest through one of the three tracks: standard, public policy or pre-law.

History and Political Science Minors and Concentrations

Minor in global studies, history or political science. Choose from concentrations in the American Civil War, politics and public policy or public history.


As a pre-law student, you can choose a pre-law track in the political science major or add a pre-law concentration to any major. Consult with the pre-law advisor to craft a schedule tailored to fit your post-graduate aspirations.

History & Political Science Faculty