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Gain Knowledge and Real-World Experience

Department of Mathematics & Computer Science

Division of Natural Sciences

“A class that stood out to me was History of Math, because we got to learn about mathematical methods that people used thousands of years ago. It was fascinating to try these other techniques that I had never heard of before.” - Claire Rosso, Class of 2014

A variety of careers in math, computer science and technology are waiting for you. Get a degree in mathematics, computer science or information systems management from Bridgewater College.

You’ll gain fundamental knowledge, as well as real-world practical experience, using the latest techniques and current software. See how many doors your degree will open for you.

Students who major in computer science or information systems management might also be interested in Bridgewater’s 5-year Master of Arts in Digital Media Strategy.

Mathematics Major

Learn fundamental knowledge that can be applied to whichever career path you choose while using the newest computer software.

Computer Science Major

While pursuing a degree in computer science at Bridgewater College, you will learn how to program using the most up-to-date languages and complete coursework in software engineering.

Information Systems Management Major

As an information systems management major, you will provide yourself with tools to lead a successful career in IT. Multi-disciplinary coursework in business and philosophy will help you develop management skills applicable to any work environment.

Computer Information Systems Minor

The minor will provide you with a basis of computing and programing skills, while upper-level course work contributes to your understanding of data communications.

Computer Science Minor

Any major interested in learning the foundations of computer programming can add a minor in computer science.

Mathematics Minor

A mathematics minor can be added to any degree for a foundation in the field.

Mathematics & Computer Science Faculty

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Dr. Verne Leininger, Department Chair