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Teacher Education Program at BC students interacting with technology in the classroom

Become an Elementary or Secondary Teacher

Teacher Education Program

Division of Professional Studies

Are you ready for a challenge? Do you want to make a difference in the lives of young children? If so, the Teacher Education Program at Bridgewater College might be the right choice for you.

The BC Teacher Education Program prepares teachers who are fully educated in the arts and sciences, have depth of knowledge in a major discipline, model effective communication skills, understand and use technology and research to enhance learning, and are committed to life-long learning. Our graduates are ready to excel.

What makes a BC teacher candidate stand out?

  • You participate in four full semesters of diverse classroom field experiences, one three-week practicum and a full semester student teaching placement.
  • You receive individual attention in small classes of approximately 18 students.
  • You learn to use and produce instructional technology to enhance student learning, including the development of instructional content, assessments and a personal development portfolio.
  • You can finish the BC Teacher Education Program and apply for licensure in four years.
  • Since the Commonwealth of Virginia has teaching reciprocity agreements with almost all states, you’ll be equipped to teach anywhere (in some states, additional requirements may exist).

Here’s what some local school administrators and teaching personnel have to say about the BC graduates in their classrooms:

“An excellent first year teacher! Reflective about lessons. Very happy!” (Page County High School)

“A wonderful addition to our program.” (Westwood Hills Elementary School)

“An absolutely phenomenal teacher. It is unbelievable that [BC graduate] is only a first year teacher. …within the top ten percent group of teachers . . . I wish I had 10 more just like [BC graduate]!  Exceptional! ” (Muhlenberg Middle School)

“[BC graduate] is already demonstrating excellence and it is wonderful to have [BC graduate] as a member of [our] school team . . . [BC graduate] is going to be a Teacher of the Year one day!” (Elkton Middle School)

See Professional Resources for Educators to learn more about employment and advancement in specific fields of education.