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Chemistry at BC professor working with a student in lab

Prepare for Industry, Graduate School or Teaching

Department of Chemistry

Division of Natural Sciences

When you study chemistry at Bridgewater, you’ll have a strong understanding of all the basic areas of chemistry (analytical, organic, inorganic, physical, and biochemical). You’ll perform independent research under the guidance of our faculty and present your findings.

If you’re interested in attending pharmacy school, check out our pre-pharmacy program.

If you want to work in environmental fields, explore the environmental science major, which is a joint program with the biology department.

Applied Chemistry Major

As an applied chemistry major at Bridgewater, you will have the opportunity to build your knowledge by completing lab course work and conducting research projects.

Biochemistry Major

Check out this hybrid of traditional biology and chemistry majors.

Chemistry Major

Explore the field of chemistry and gain in depth knowledge of principles. A degree in chemistry prepares you to pursue a professional career or graduate school.

Environmental Science Major

The environmental science major is an interdisciplinary major, combining coursework from both the biology and chemistry departments. You can also choose from emphases in environmental chemistry, freshwater resources and wildlife biology.

Chemistry Minors and Concentration

Add a minor in applied or physical chemistry or a concentration in environmental science.


Chemistry Facilities

Chemistry Faculty