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Department of Philosophy & Religion

Division of Humanities and Social Sciences

Who are we? Why are we here? How should we live and behave toward others?

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For millennia, human beings have been asking the great questions of life. The study of philosophy and religion examines the many ways we’ve tried to answer those questions.

Understanding philosophy and religion is vital to developing mature values and ethical reasoning. It will help you evaluate the conflicting claims of various groups and build a solid foundation for your own reasoning and beliefs.

Philosophy & Religion Major

A degree in philosophy and religion will prepare you for careers and graduate study in fields such as ministry, counseling, peace studies, law, philosophy and religious studies. Learn more.


Find out how a degree in philosophy and religion at BC prepares you for seminary and a vocation in the ministry.

Peace Studies Minor

A minor in peace studies will introduce you to alternative solutions for conflict transformation, perspectives on faith and violence, and current politics and international law.

Gender Studies Concentration

Examine gender through communication studies, history, politics, philosophy and more.

Interfaith Studies Concentration

Gain the skills and knowledge needed to work in religious diversity and promote problem solving and cooperation across religious differences.

Philosophy & Religion Minor

Add a philosophy and religion minor to any major at BC.

Philosophy & Religion Faculty

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Dr. Laura Yordy, Department Chair