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Engage in Hands-on Research and Lab Work

Department of Psychology

Division of Natural Sciences

Have you ever been curious about what goes on inside a brain? Want to figure out why humans and animals do what they do? Conduct your own research? Check out psychology at Bridgewater College.

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When you study psychology, you’ll be introduced to:

  • significant concepts that have shaped the field
  • major theories
  • research findings
  • methods that shaped the history of psychology
  • contemporary approaches to psychology

But it’s not just classroom study. You’ll be directly involved in psychological research and lab work. You’ll learn to apply your knowledge and skills to existing social problems.

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Our curriculum is research-focused, while sampling from fields within psychology that are traditionally regarded as fundamental (cognition, developmental and social) and those more often labeled as applied (clinical and behavioral), in addition to neuroscience.

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Discover the opportunities you’ll have with a psychology degree from BC.

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Add a psychology minor to any major.

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Focus on the study of the nervous system.

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Dr. Alan Eby, Department Chair