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Physics at BC two students working together in physics lab

Tailor Your Degree to Your Career Goals

Department of Physics

Division of Natural Sciences

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In BC’s physics department, you can choose from three different majors. Your degree in physics can be specifically tailored to your desired focus and career aspirations.

A major in the field of physics will prepare you for a variety of challenging and rewarding careers, applicable not just in science and technology, but also in education and architecture, as well as any career emphasizing advanced analytical skills.

Applied Physics Major

Preparation for engineering or technology-related jobs

Physics Major

Preparation for graduate studies or a physics-related career in industry

Physics Program: Senior Seminar

The capstone of your physics major at Bridgewater is your seminar in physics, mathematics and computer science during the senior year. You select a topic for research (either library-based or laboratory-based) and, working with a faculty advisor, complete a major project consisting of an extended written and oral presentation.

These projects demonstrate your skills and knowledge as well as your readiness for a career and studies beyond Bridgewater.

Examples of past projects include:

  • Construction of a robot arm
  • Experiments on the effects of friction on bullets
  • Ultrasonics
  • Study of superconductivity

Pre-Engineering and Dual-Degree Programs

Find out how you can earn dual bachelor degrees in five years. Complete three years of physics, mathematics and liberal arts courses at Bridgewater, followed by a minimum of two years of intensive engineering studies at Virginia Tech and earn degrees from both schools.

Physics Minor

Add a minor in physics to your degree.

Physics Faculty