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Study Abroad

“You’ll learn so much about the way other people live and view the world, and you’ll also learn a lot more about yourself.”

Maggie Reeger ‘15

First Bridgewater. Then the world.

Looking to experience the joy of learning in another country? Getting to know another culture or language? Understanding what it means to be part of a global, interconnected community?

A true liberal arts education opens your eyes to a variety of perspectives. And there’s no better way to do that than to learn in another country for a while.

Challenge yourself to see the world in a new way. Let the Office for Study Abroad introduce you to all the opportunities. Learn through immersion in another culture, whether for a few weeks, a semester or even longer.

Discover BC International Experience Opportunities

Semester Programs Abroad

Students can apply to programs in dozens of countries, in Asia, Latin America, Europe and all points in between.

May Term Travel Courses

May Term travel courses offer a study abroad experience in a few short weeks. You’ll gain first-hand knowledge of another culture while traveling with a BC professor and your fellow students.


There are many outside scholarships available for students who want to study abroad for a semester or longer. Students who find additional scholarships or grant opportunities are encouraged to speak with the Director of Study Abroad.

If you plan to seek accommodations for a disability, please contact the disability services office as early as possible in the process.

Enrollment in a program of study abroad approved for credit by Bridgewater College may be considered enrollment at Bridgewater College for purposes of receiving financial assistance from federal and state financial aid programs. The College establishes an annual limit on the availability of institutional funds to support study abroad programs.

Insurance and Waivers

Before you go, fill out the online forms and learn about insurance for your trip.

International Student Services

If you are an international student, the Director of Study Abroad works with you to provide support and assistance throughout your time at Bridgewater.

In addition, the Office for Study Abroad sponsors and promotes international programs and events as part of the BC experience for students, faculty, staff and the community.

Questions? Contact Us!

Anne Marsh, Director of Study Abroad
101 N. 3rd Street, Room 103